Message for Coldplay: we want 'Swallowed In The Sea'!

Indeed, we don't know if this message will either read or not, but we wish to make our part. This is a message for Coldplay: the Italian fans wish to listen to Swallowed In The Sea during the next gig here in Italy, on August, 31st, in Udine, in a wonderful venue that will count 42.000 fans in the audience (the number sounds familiar, yeah!).
Swallowed In The Sea is the most desired by Italians and the most voted song in a special poll stood on Facebook (over 150 the votes collected), so we're asking to enjoy your performance of this wonderful piece of music in our land. Italy has the deepest love for you, Italy will give you something so particular to be unforgettable for life (you'll take a look on August, 31st!).

As Chris stated once, we are the country of passionate singers. Please let's fly one more time with one of the most passionate song ever written by you!

Thanks in advance!
Take care!

Coldplayzone and... Your Italian Cavalry Choirs